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1 CD $10.00

ABC's of the Gospel_edited_edited.png

The ABC’S of the Gospel is both a clear and straightforward message. It reaches out & connects to all people regardless of their background or understanding of what it means to be saved.

2 CD $14.00

Stop Dating the Church_edited.png

Too many Christians don’t realize that the Church is God’s idea. They miss out on His plans & purposes for their life and end up never fulfilling the will of God.

1 CD $10.00

Power of I AM_edited.png

Until a person understands who God says they are...they will be limited on how far they can go in life.

 You can know who God says you are & rise above any challenge or limitation the enemy has placed in your life.

1 CD $10.00

Behind Enemy Lines_edited.png

God’s Word tells us to “Stay alert! Watch out for your enemy, the devil who prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” The Word also tells us, “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 CD $10.00


This study looks at three objects in the average nativity scene that surrounded the birth of Christ & see what the Lord might be saying to us through them.

1 CD $10.00


Too many people are settling to live with less than God’s best for them.

Just because things have not yet come to pass don’t make the mistake of settling for “good enough.”

It’s time to rise up on the inside and see your dreams fulfilled!

1 CD $10.00

Lesson from a Navy Seal_edited.png

Lawrence Poirier teaches us through these lessons Admiral McRaven learned from his basic SEAL training how we as

disciples of Jesus also grow through training in the Word of God & it’s practical application in our lives.

Power of Persistent Prayer_edited.png

1 CD $10.00

This message teaches you how to release power of God in your life by filling your heart with His Word and boldly speaking it into every area of your life.

1 CD $10.00

Power of a Dream_edited.png

Are you focused on the past; could of, would of & should of, or are you dreaming of your future.

Dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit. When God wants to change a person’s life He begins by placing a dream in their heart

Open your heart and allow God to paint His plan inside today.

1 CD $10.00


Growing spiritually is very important! All living things grow!

If you are not growing as a Christian, becoming stronger, then you will automatically default into going backwards.

1 CD $10.00


It has been said, “Winning is a habit and so is losing.”

 People who achieve their goals are people who do the right things. Not once in a while but consistently.

1 CD $10.00

God's Word_edited.png

This message teaches you how to release power of God in your life by filling your heart with His Word and boldly speaking it into every area of your life.

1 CD $10.00

HOw to turn_edited.png

The Holy Spirit desires to teach you how to trust and obey Him so you will experience the release of God’s provision for every area of your life!

1 CD $10.00


We are designed and created by God to walk in the path that He created for His purposes. This requires us to be moving forward following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

1 CD $10.00


There are two ways of seeing; through the eye of reason or though the eye of faith.

 How you see will determine what you receive in life. We need to develop spiritual vision.

 Change the way you look at things.

The things you look at will change.

4 CD Set $ 22.00

Holy Spirit_edited.png

God is not the Great I Was; the Great I Will Be; He is the Great I AM!


We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He is flowing fresh water all the time.


We as His temple are hosting someone who is alive, aflame & full of power…TODAY!


Let the river that is in you flow out into every sector of society; into every relationship & every factor of your life.

4 CD Set $ 22.00

Gods WOrd Can Change your

4 CD Set $ 22.00

The moment you confessed Jesus as Lord…God sees you In Christ. In Him you have unlimited access into the Holiest place. Exercise your Access!

If you believe God is everything the Bible says He is...You must

also believe you are everything the Bible says you are In Christ.

  8 CD $28.00

God’s Word warns believers to avoid contamination from the world system that dominates our culture. It takes total surrender to God and a commitment to be TRANSformed, not CONformed.

8 CD $30.00

Gifts of the Spirit_edited.png
The Orpahns Heart_edited.png

Gifts of the Holy Spirit ~ 1 Cor.  12:8-10

Revelation Gifts (Mind of God - reveal something)

· Word of Wisdom

· Word of Knowledge

· Discerning of Spirits

Power Gifts (Hand of God - do something)

· Faith

· Working of Miracles

· Gifts of Healing

Utterance Gifts ( Mouth of God - say something)

· Prophecy

· Tongues

· Interpretation of Tongues

Disc 1 ~ The Condition of Your Heart

Disc 2 ~ Examining Our Heart

Disc 3 ~ The Spirit of Your Mind

Disc 4 ~ Your Heart is Like a Garden

Disc 5 ~ Steps to a Whole Heart pt. 1

Disc 6 ~ Steps to a Whole Heart pt. 2

Disc 7 ~ Steps to a Whole Heart pt. 3

Disc 8 ~ Set Your Heart

4 CD Set $ 22.00

God thinks, plans & builds generationally, therefore our lives are not just about us.

Long-term planning helps in making short-term decisions.

Great hope for the future gives us great power for the present.

7 CD $28.00

Principles of Winning_edited.png

Don’t quit! Don’t give up!

God has a purpose for each of us in His Kingdom.

God desires to do new things in our lives but we must co-operate with His Word & the Holy Spirit.

4 CD Set $ 22.00


The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Believers in Ephesus is the kind of Bible knowledge that brings Christians out of areas of defeat into mature

believers that walk in Victory.

7 CD $28.00

Principles of Walking_edited.png

Their steps of obedience had a great impact on people around them... even on future generations.

God wants to take you on a similar journey of faith!

May the Holy Spirit renew your confidence to step out and follow God’s plan for your life.

11 CD $40.00

1 & 2 Timothy_edited.png

This study from First and Second Timothy reveals a good example of a young man who went through the process of discipleship under the leadership of the Apostle Paul.... and became a godly person who walked with God.

 35 CD $130.00

12 CD $50.00

Principles of Guidance_edited.png

God wants us to know Him & His will for our lives. If your heart and life are centered on God, His Word, and His Holy Spirit, you can rest assured that He will direct your path.

Our feelings & an un-renewed mind to the Word of God can sway & influence us so how do we clearly hear God’s voice & direction through the clutter of our busy lives?

 24 CD $95.00

 24 CD $95.00


Righteousness is the right to confidently approach God with boldness, without a sense of unworthiness.

Learn how to receive righteousness as a gift, not based on your conduct but because of

what Jesus did for you when He died on the cross and rose again.

Discover the deep redemptive truths of righteousness-and stand in God's presence

without a sense of sin, guilt or condemnation.

The Book of James gives us practical wisdom on how to live out our walk with God.

Faith is more than a belief; it must be demonstrated in our daily life.


Revelation 1:1, 3 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Blessed is he that readeth

 and they that hear the words of this  prophecy…”

This CD series is a chapter by chapter study of this complex book and includes

    important insights to help believers in “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”

1I Timothy 2:15

“The Revelation” is the culmination & fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies.

It is the end of the world as we know it…. and something to look forward to.

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