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Meet Our Pastors

Pastors Lawrence & Brenda Poirier were married in June 1985. Pastor Brenda has been serving in the church since 1979 and Pastor Lawrence since 1983. They went from "a sheep to a shepherd" and took over pastoring the church June 25, 1995.

Whether you’ve lived in the Cold Lake area for years or are new to the community, we would love for you to check us out. Are you looking for a church that teaches in down to earth, everyday language, relevant messages to show you that there is real life in Jesus Christ? We are here to help you discover that you were created to have abundant life & be a winner through a personal relationship with Jesus. We guarantee you faith-filled messages based on the Word of God to help you continually grow in that relationship! How about enthusiastic, energetic music or excellent children’s programs for your family? Maybe you just need a friend, someone who believes in you and the potential that is in you and wants to help you become all that you can be. You’ll find all this and more at HLVC. 


God is seeking after the next generation and since children and youth are a main focus of HLVC we gear towards touching their lives, as well as your entire family, with our school “Lakeland Christian Academy,” and our Kidz programs.


Harvest Life Victory Church is a committed team of people who work together to bring hope, strength & change to the world – one life at a time. On behalf of our entire congregation we extend a heartfelt welcome for you to join us. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you soon.

Pastor Lawrence Poirier 

Pastor Lawrence Poirier is a graduate of Word of Life Bible School in Uppsala, Sweden. Lawrence has an inspiring teaching & bold preaching method that systematically opens the Word of God and makes it crystal clear. His passion is to stir up Christians to be doers of the Word in faith, evangelism, prosperity and victorious living.  Lawrence will help bring people to a new level of understanding of their part within their local church and how they can be effective as an influence in the world today. His heart for missions is contagious and he will challenge you to be all that you can be in fulfilling God’s purpose & destiny for your life.




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