1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Combine all of your ingredients and knead for 10 minutes. If your dough is too dry add a little bit more water in and continue to knead.

  3. Roll out the dough to a thickness that you'd like your salt dough ornament to be.

  4. Using a large cookie cutter, cut out different shapes for your salt dough ornament.

  5. Have your child place their hand into the salt dough ornament. If the dough is too hard to get an imprint it may be too dry and you can continue to knead by adding in a little bit more water.

  6. Using a straw, make a hole in the top for where you want to hang your salt dough ornament.

  7. Bake for 1-2 hours. If your ornaments are still doughy, put back in for another hour. (It will depend on your thickness how long you need to bake for. The thinner ornaments will take less time but thicker may take more).

  8. If you encounter too much puffing, roll out thinner ornaments and this will help reduce the puffing. If the ornament is still a bit doughy, bake for longer or let sit out a few days to harden before decorating.  The thickness of the dough will determine how long you have to bake them for. You can also raise the temperature up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit but do this gradually as they may start to puff up. We prefer to bake them at 250 degrees Fahreneheit for longer and let them air dry for a few days.

  9. Once cool, you can decorate by painting with acrylic or kids paint.

  10. To make the hand glittery, fill the handprint with glue then sprinkle glitter on top of the glue, shake off the excess and let it dry.

  11. Spray with a clear glaze finish or finish with mod podge.


2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

2 tablespoons powdered alum

1 cup boiling water

2 tablespoons cooking oil

Food colouring


Mix the ingredients together in a pan and bring the mixture to a boil. Stir constantly until the mixture forms a soft dough. Remove from the stove and allow to cool. Then knead the mixture to the desired texture. Store in a plastic bag or airtight container.Do not eat.


2 ½ cups of flour

½ cup of salt

3 tablespoons of cooking oil

1 tablespoon alum (from drugstore)

¼ teaspoon of food coloring

2 cups of boiling water


Measure the first 5 ingredients into the bowl. Stir a bit

Pour the boiling water carefully into the bowl. Stir well until it is too difficult to stir anymore. Turn the dough out onto the counter, scraping the sides of the bowl. Gather it into a ball and knead the dough until it is smooth. Store in a plastic container or bag. Do not eat. Makes about 3 cups.


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